ASG’s retirement plan services were established in 2000 to fill a void in the retirement plan industry. That void was exemplary service. With our ASG’s associates combined experience, we were aware that employer sponsored plans needed a dedicated service team that would be able to help provide assistance and education on the many aspects of offering a retirement plan.

We provide services in 3 main categories associated with effectively assisting with our client’s employer sponsored retirement plan: assistance with plan design and employee education. In covering these categories, ASG assists plan sponsors by educating them on their fiduciary liability.

Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans

  • 401(k), Solo 401(k), Safe Harbor 401(k)
  • SIMPLE IRA, SEP IRA 403(b)
  • Profit Sharing ESOP
  • Prevailing Wage Programs

ASG specializes in the plan design, re-design, education on investment due diligence, promotion, and education involved with qualified plans. Some highlights of the services we provide are as follows:

Template and turnkey designs are biased towards the employees and static. Our approach to plan design allows us to move the fulcrum of bias back towards the employer. We understand that employers’ retirement plans are the businesses themselves and always coupled with the mantra of “cash flow is king.” Our designs embrace that philosophy and are created to preserve cash flow and minimize taxes for the employer.

Our initial and annual assessments of plan design will evaluate these components against the employers’ financial forecast. Re-designs of retirement plans occur with regulatory changes, business transition, business economy changes, business growth, and business market changes. Our re-designs allow the employers to further customize their plan to reflect the current conditions of operations.

Educate Plan Fiduciaries and Executives
Plan sponsors have specific fiduciary responsibilities under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). Compliance with these laws requires specific attention. Our team will help you to research and understand your responsibilities, do what is required to keep the plan in compliance.

Help Maximize Plan Efficiency and Compliance
Through plan design review and analysis we help ensure the plan is built to fit our clients’ needs while not creating an administrative burden. In addition we focus on making sure the client understands the plan design thoroughly making certain compliance is achieved.

Maximize Benefits for Plan Participants
With innovative employee communication strategies and enhanced group and individual meetings, ASG aides in increasing plan participation and employee awareness.